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negotiation skills training

Negotiation Skills Training

Negotiation is an imperative part of human interactions. All jobs require you to influence others within or across teams, functions or organisations. It’s a skill that enables you to get what you want. Good negotiators are reasonable, know what concessions to offer, when to make demands and how to compensate for difficulties. Learn to be a good negotiator with our Negotiation Skills training.

What It Covers

The workshop will enable participants to…

  • Understand the principles of effective negotiation

  • Understand the negotiation process

  • Put together a strong, but fair, case for negotiating with others

  • Confidently put together and implement a negotiation

  • Understand and counter games and tactics of negotation

  • Exercise negotiation skills in their business practice

  • Work towards achieving win–win results

Expected Outcome

This Negotiation Skills training will offer participants knowledge of strategic negotiation and thereby greater confidence to negotiate effectively at all levels. The program will help participants become more assertive and motivated, leading to better working relationships.

What Our Clients Say

Excellent workshop, well designed to give a structure and processes about the channel recruitment, channel engagement and motivational techniques to build relationship with distributors. I feel it will improve my approach of working with channel partners.

Leading Life Science Research Company, Channel Sales Manager

The program content gives actionable and easy to implement concepts. Well-designed to address the challenges and highlighted the relevant data which provoke the thought process and lead to the intense discussion.

Leading Automobile Company, Sales Manager

The workshop was extremely practical. Examples shared were very grounded and relatable. The concepts were simple and easy to implement.

Leading Science Technology Company, Sales Manager

It has been a wonderful experience with reference to improving myself on my sales skills, people management skills and makes a more confident person to go out in market and represent myself & the brand.

Leading Multinational Financial Services Holding Company, Asst. Vice President

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